Friday 6 June 2014

Hammers crestfallen with slide towards Olympic London FC

Actually, it's surprisingly sleek!
These are changing times at West ham – including the move from the fortress to the park. As ever, the supporter-sensitive board have sought to ring in the necessary changes, with a review of the club’s current crest as the latest element of the transition. Early reports indicate a desire to remove the castle from the current club crest and replace it with something more ‘London’ and ‘Olympic’.

Although the board have confirmed that there are no plans to change the club’s name, there can be no guarantees that when they (inevitably) sell up to a major international tycoon / uber-wealthy oil sheik etc that all such bets will be off and we will find ourselves rebranded as Olympic London AFC, (formerly West Ham United).

Sheik Superdoshed discusses his plans for her majesty's favourite club
Some fans are simply  loving the trendy rebranding and see it as an opportunity to steal a march upon other London clubs while further pouring further ridicule upon tragic Orient and the soulless droids over at No Heart Lane. However, for others these changes are proving more problematic. Executive Director of sports strategy at the club, Bobby Fisher, has expressed his disappointment – “Without the castle we simply cannot set out a full chess board – what’s next, no horses?”
Chess is incomplete without castles....and horses
Luckily there will always be pawns – the loyal supporters!


  1. But by then there will be no assets to strip
    huge thanks must go to the porn Kings and Whoever she is
    that rebranded us out of existence.
    Prawn sandwiches will now replace pie & Mash

    1. wot about the jellied eels and such like?

  2. Another shite article from this shite site. Please close it down immediately.

    1. don't you care about 'your' club?

    2. yep, shite article

  3. Why do some fans get so anxious about WHU being owned by anyone with £200m to spend on new, class players ??? Surely, that's better for our club ??? Please explain way our club would be worse off being owned by people with money to burn ???

  4. er..... Cardiff in Red!!!
    Hull City Pussycats
    What about our dalliance with the Icelandic crazy-people?
    etc etc


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