Saturday 12 October 2013

Blunt Blades plumb new depths of despair

Jimmy Dunne: Hardly impressed
Remember when Sheffield had two clubs in the top league?  Such a thought may become a distant memory for folk from the steel city as the red and white side of Sheffield find themselves sliding into oblivion. The latest chapter has seen manager David Weir sacked after a mere 13 games in charge and with the club in the relegation zone of League one – that’s the old third division for you traditionalists! Gone are the glory days of Tony Currie and the legendary Jimmy Dunne to be replaced by the humiliating scene of being tonked at home by Hartlepool in the cup during midweek.
And all of this has happened despite the enormously generous boost of a ‘compensation’ pay out from West Ham of £20 million from the Tevezgate bungled paperwork affair and. More recently, the support of new owner, multi-millionaire Orince Abdullah who had bankrolled a host of new signings for this season in the expectation that the Blades would slice their way up the league. However, they have managed only 7 goals in 13 games and are currently the laughing stock of League One languishing in 22nd place!

Ironically, the city’s motto is "Deo Adjuvante Labor Proficit" (With God's help our labour is successful)….. Whatever could the Blades have done to deserve such dreadfully bad luck?  Hmmmm.
Verywetsham promises to keep you abreast of all the latest atrocities at Bramall lane.....and at the JJB/DW/Wigan.
That's a promise.

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