Wednesday 24 December 2014

Carroll: West Ham can Win the Champions League

The media furore around Andy Carroll continues to grow as the resurgent striker has taken to postulating about all manner of possibilities for the buoyant Hammers. Having been ridiculed for suggesting that West Ham could win the Premiership, Carroll refuses to de deterred and has now boasted that West Ham will beat high-flying Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Boxing day!!! Citing Sam Allardyce's grandmaster managerial capabilities, Andy is convinced that the Hammers can achieve anything with their current squad of players!

Colourful imaginations are not new to the Carroll clan, with Andy's great-great grand Uncle Lewis Carroll once boasting "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast"! However, beating Chelsea away from home was never one of those six things.

'I promise I wont spend the cash on Nigel Quashie'
Undoubtedly this Hammers squad is the strongest for many seasons, but the looming African nations Cup will deprive West Ham of three of their most important players in Alex Song, Cheik Kouyate and Diafra Sakho. As such, Sam Allardyce will need to use all his grandmaster skills to squeeze some cash for suitable replacements in the transfer window from Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle David!


One option would be for the Hammers to play a wild card by leaning on some of the fringe players in the squad who are currently struggling to find a starting berth for East London's finest. However, with crunch matches against Liverpool and Manchester United scheduled for the mid point of the tournament, the likes of Joey O'Brien, Carlton Cole and Kevin Nolan will need to try and find some match sharpness as soon as possible!

     Luckily West Ham have their own Mr Rabbit in the form of the one and only Mark Noble who is due to return soon with his Duracell-like qualities as the engine room for the bubbles men.

Alternatively, maybe there's one last chance for Ravel to finally achieve his potential for West Ham?

Either way, a result against Chelsea would be truly audacious!

Perhaps the last word is best left to Andy's wise old uncle...



  1. Fairy tale stuff....Jose will put a stop to all your day dreaming

  2. are you on drugs mate?

  3. You have to qualify for the champions league to win it Andy Carroll , word to the wise ,remember the scousers last season ?,one game a week and they were the self proclaimed best team on the planet .This season out of the Champions league and 10th in the BPL


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