Tuesday 8 April 2014

Winston Reid: The Ian Curtis Connection Revealed!

The premature end to the Hammers Premiership season has provided an ideal opportunity for VERYWESTHAM's senior crime reporter to make a flash visit to war-torn New Zealand, also known as the home to Hammers defensive star and All Whites captain, Winston Reid. Whilst passing through one of Wellington's edgy urbs, our reporter encountered a stunning street-art tribute to New Zealand's finest Hammer.

Located on Wallace Street, the mural is one of Wellington's many examples of stunning graffiti art that has emerged by virtue of a thriving but much under fire scene. Not far from the Reid tribute is perhaps the World's most infamous Joy Division mural - one that has had many incarnations over the years as part of a dispute between the artist and the fascists down at Wellington city council, but which is present in all it's glory at the present time and serving as a reminder of perhaps indie music's greatest icon - the tragic Ian Curtis.

Meanwhile, attention is increasingly focused upon Reid footballing future as a host of clubs are queueing up to try and prise his services from the East End club. However, Messers Gold and Sullivan are said to be determined to keep the Kiwi star as they prepare for life at the Olympic Stadium, and have devised a cunning and failsafe means of holding on to his services. 


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  1. I guess the transfer talk is just 'Shadowplay'!


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