Monday 28 April 2014

Don't Play it Again Sam: Hammers Fans Speak!

Sam Allardyce’s fondness for using statistical analysis to inform his footballing strategies may have finally come back to bite him as the results of a MASSIVE online poll indicate that 77% of West Ham fan’s think it is time for managerial change.
Over 12,000 fans participated and indicated a desire to abandon the Allardisi way for look for a more open and entertaining style of football - traditionally referred to by football fans as THE WEST HAM WAY.
The survey ran from Thursday and closed at 7pm on Sunday 27 April. It is thought to be the largest 'opinion poll' ever undertaken of a club's supporters.

The 16 sites taking part were Blowing Bubbles, Claret & Blues, Claret & Hugh, Ex-Hammers Magazine, Forever West Ham, Hammers in the Heart, Iron Views, KUMB, Moore Than Just a Club, VeryWestHam, West Ham Fan, West Ham Online, West Ham Till I Die, West Ham World, WHU Stuff and

Of those who voted, 27% are season ticket holders. Also, 28% of those who voted live in London, 26% in the South East, 12% in East Anglia. 14% who voted are overseas supporters.

Of those who voted, almost 5,000 left comments, the most repeated of which were: 
* We should thank Sam for what he has done but he is not the man for the future of the club.

* Nobody wants a witch hunt but it is time for him to go

* Any transition should be gentle and with a clear idea of a suitable replacement

* Sam's style of football is too one-dimensional. There is no plan B and he is adamant that he will not consider changing his style.
Another dude who liked his computers was Steve Jobs who is credited with saying; “time is limited, so don’t waste it trapped by the dogma of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise drown out your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”....Indeed!
One can sense that the fat lady is starting to clear her throat and won’t be singing ‘Play it again Sam’.
The conclusions of the poll have been sent to David Sullivan.


  1. No doubt that Saturdays performance was dire, and will be added to an ever growing list of dreadful performances this season.
    What bemuses me is, what happened to the team that won four games in February
    The only difference I can see is that Carroll was not playing, so the team had to resort to keeping hold of the ball.
    In this case it is clear that Sam CAN play in a different way, but for some reason is insistent not to.

  2. I guess that'll be the reason that he ultimately goes - he is so adamant that he will not compromise on his approach to the game. Different opponents require different strategies - we seem to rely on Plan A without any Plan B.


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