Sunday, 13 April 2014

Johnson: I Sold my Soul to the Devil

I Believe i'll dust my broom!
As Liverpool find themselves on top of the Premiership with the title to lose, Ex-Hammer Glen Johnson will inevitably have taken time to reflect upon his success. This time last year manager Brendan Rodgers was the laughing stock with a team of misfiring stars, but wind forward and how things have changed!

In a transformation as stark as that which took young Robert Johnson, a previously  unremarkable musician, who allegedly sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads and reappeared as a stunningly gifted bluesman who created the very foundations of modern music.

The similarity is so stark that some conspiracy-prone (i.e. bored) footie fans have started to ask questions as to whether young Glen Johnson may have sold his soul for a measure of fame that was previously unthinkable. In the case of the Mississippi bluesman, Robert Johnson is said to have admitted to his devilish deal with Lucifer before being poisoned by the jealous husband of one of his many lovers!

Back in happier times
The theory has much merit but flounders when one considers the simple rule of souls; everybody has one - but only one! Johnson was said to have traded his when he left Upton Park for the financial grandeur of Stamford Bridge back in 2003. one theory suggests that he may have had his soul returned by Beelzebub when he subsequently found himself stranded in the miserable climes of Fratton Park!

Recent evidence also points to seriously Satanic goings on as match referee for last weeks bizarre encounter with the Hammers was clearly possessed by something evil as he awarded a whopping two penalties to Johnson's Liverpool - the second a particularly ghoulish error that stank of the diabolic.

Either way, Sam's angelic Hammers will undoubtedly wish Johnson well as he finally realises the massive potential that was evident back as far as his time in the Hammers academy.

Well done Glen - any chance you'd return for another spell?



  1. done well has the lad. pity it always has to bewith a 'bigger' club. Maybe the Olympic Stadium will change all that.

  2. Robert Johnson.. Glen Johnson.... Make ya mind up haha

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