Sunday 27 April 2014

Hey Hammers!!! A Message From Ron Burgundy

Just in case you didn't know, the top social-media outlets relating to West ham United FC have come together to deliver a poll on whether Sam Allardyce should continue as club manager next season. This is a rare and important opportunity to voice your opinion.

If you haven't voted yet, time is running out and you need to cast your vote now! It takes less than a minute and the poll booth doors close tonight at 7PM...

I'd hate to be that guy who forgot to vote...



  1. Phnarrr!

    Blackburn miss Sam's input, and Bolton...

    The Magpies are just a basket case.

    Need to think carefully about life post-Sam before jumping.

  2. The only basket case is you paying money to watch the crap this useless coach serves up jog on with him and support the anti football you both love

  3. BFS is on the way out...Then we can start all that midfield triangulation stuff that gets us relegated and gives the opposition time to organise their defence


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