Wednesday 30 April 2014

Party-Pooping Hammers Ready To Wreck Title Hopes ....Again

Manchester (including the Guvnor) weeps in 1995...
History has such a knack of repesting itself...and so it is that it's all set up perfectly for the Hammers to once again ruin all the fun for an over-confident title-chasing side from Manchester.

This time it may be city rather than United, but after a 6-0 thumping in the League Cup semi-final, when  an understrength Hammers defence was mauled by a clinical City attack, the humiliation still sits uncomfortably with Big Sam and the lads.

Happily, the final day of the season clash presents the perfect opportunity to take revenge as Citehhhh will almost certainly need a win at home against the carefree Hammers to capture the title.

With little to play for except pride (and the small matter of revenge) the easy-going East-enders will surely roll over and let the aristrocrats enjoy their big day......... Errr - NO!!!  Even if it means letting Stevie G and the gang take the title, the Hammer's biggest achievements of the past 30 years have been as the party poopers who remind us all not to take anything for granted......

And of course, it could be Big Sam's last game in charge, which would certainly present a big opportunity for his troops to honour his legacy with some deliciously destructive deeds!

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  1. or will just do the usual and lose 5+-0 and after the game will have messages from so and so saying we thought we played well, it just wasn't our day, we didn't take our chances, we gifted them with errors, we had a couple of bad decisions, we have a squad which consists of freebies. While the football is completely dire and we may have one shot on goal if we're lucky, they'll be some booing and f**k of sam allardyce chants resulting in him coming out in the media to say I understand the fans fustrations because we are not winning and thats the only thing any clubs fans want is to win. Then the board will say we are sticking with him but are targeting x amount of key players/ world cup players until the season ticket deadline has passed, when they'll say we tried our best but they went elsewhere due to money, when we'll all know it's because no player thats wanted by another club would want to work under allardyce.


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