Friday 28 February 2014

More Ravealling Pics of Morrison’s “nightlife” Released

As the latest media interest on the off-field activities of British soccer’s new ‘bad boy’ kicked off again – with Ravel Morrison posting a photo of himself on a ‘good night with my homies’ , VERYWESTHAM have moved to reassure his new minders at QPR that while Ravel may be of a gangsta propensity, in fact his preference is for the newest and considerably less terrifying genre: geekgangsta! 

Since escaping the tough streets of Manchester, Ravel has started to hang out with ‘kids’ who are much more suited to his new celebrity lifestyle and although he likes nothing better than a night in cybersurfing or challenging his astrophysicist buddies to a game of fakegangstershootout in the safety of his home, he recognises the need feed the hunger for scandal and outrage. Luckily, reports indicate that his friends in Hollywood have hooked him up with an endless supply of ‘mean looking homies’ for him to pose with while looking really really super tough.

Hopefully he can do better in his next appearance for the out of form Queens & Park Rangers!


  1. QPR will make it through the playoffs - and ravel will score a half dozen before seasons end.

  2. get yur backside off my wheels man!

  3. white tackies!!! So retro...

  4. i guess he dosent habg wid Joey Barton then


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