Sunday 30 March 2014

The REAL Reason Hammers fans are Sore with Sam

Poor Sam Allardyce has fallen foul of the fickle types amongst the Boleyn faithful and has only served to inflame their annoyance with his listening gesture after the crucial WIN (!?!) against Hull City last week. No doubt Cardiff and Fulham fans will be wondering what is going on and surely wishing they could get a similar result by any means necessary in their next games.

However, folk need to appreciate that the tastes of the Bubbles brethren are different - for sure, we have the Moore, Hurst, Peters, Bonds, Brooking, Bishop, Di Canio deblah blah legacy to protect, but equally, there can be no overestimating how addictive the end of year relegation histrionics are for otherwise bored and hopelessly domesticated fans.

Without the distraction of a relegation dog fight, the season simply has no meaning. And therein lies the crux of the problem as for a second year running BFS has left us stranded in mid table obscurity, with our season effectively over before we even get beyond March! Let's face it, another win and a draw from the remaining seven games and we are surely safe? Our greatest achievement since the '81 Cup Final? Surely the great Tevez escape?

And so it is that reports of desperate Hammers fans engaging in all sorts of dangerous thrill-seeking in order to replace the buzz of the relegation battle, with some spending small fortunes on hangliding and heli-skiing gear. Moreover, the West Ham Fans Wives Support Group have made representations to Messers Gold and Sullivan to find us a twitchier manager as they fear their menfolk will wander with all that free time on their hands. And let's face it, the current Hammers home jersey is so stylish that only trouble can come from wandering around in public adorned in full battle regalia.

So come on Sam, let'shave a few more 'moral' victories where we engage in lots of pretty passing around the centre circle region before losing to an 'ugly' goal from the unsophisticated opposition. No doubt Sunderland will be happy to oblige tomorrow night! On the other hand, if we avoid defeat, they stay 9 points behind us, with Fulham and Cardiff looking buried already...


  1. clearly the author has no wish to see entertainment, if i want to win week in week out id support liverpool or man citeh, Boring football has no place at upton park and BFS way is no more succesfull than trying to play the right way, Swansea have done it, southampton are doing it, othe rteams have played attractive football and been successful, Im proud of the fans at west ham booing sam his football is pre histoirc and thoughtless drivel, id rather visit the history museum and take in the dinosaurs then watch the football he is practising at the moment,

  2. Yeah, but it's a great excuse for having a fling with that saucy bit down the offy?

  3. It's not just his tactics but his man management and broken promises that worries me. Where's the ravel we saw shine at the start of the season? Where's the rest of our young starlets emerging from our once world class academy? Why can't we sign any premier league(let alone top ten) worthy players? And why(this was the turning point for me, a big backer of allardyce prior to it) against a 10 man hull, that are not exactly a counter attacking team, when we are in possession with our players looking hungry for more goals, he tells them to all get back, 6 mins to go. Yes, if hull scored it makes his job at half time more difficult, but that's part and parcel with being a football manager. He seems to be a person who would use a bank to save his money as opposed to invest it. No risk, no gain. It wasn't the win we booed, but the direction our club is heading in general. Any criticism is welcome '><' COYI

    1. Morrison is trouble with a capital 'T'
      It'll all come out over time

  4. So who do we get to replace Sam?

  5. You have to wonder at the ignorance or maybe arrogance of Westham fans, its not good enough to be in the EPL but they want to plat "pretty football" and win each week otherwise the boo boys come out. This shows an incredible disrespect for the opposition - after all everyone was very happy with the results when Westham were down to 10 men. Also hard case how all these keyboard experts tell the owners how to run their club - buy this player, sell that player. If they had to put their money where the great big gobs are they would crap themselves almost instantly. What is being proven week in week out is that most of the fans are either morons or still Neanderthals.


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