Friday 28 March 2014

Demel Defamation Debacle Escalates

absolute proof
The controversy continues around Guy Demel's groundbreaking goal that seized all three points for West Ham on Wednesday night against Hull City.

His sizzling soopercurved shot was described in sections of the press as an "aimless mishit cross"!!!

This has been interpreted by the legal eagles at VERYWESTHAM as an outrageous misinterpretation of events  - that is probably slanderous and maybe even defamatory! As a consequence, the internationally acclaimed blog has vowed to offer all support available to them in the fight to clear Demel's name.

The 'news'paper involved cannot be named for legal reasons, but suffice to say that it is one of the titty-friendly tabloids that specialises in character assassination of top stars and media celebrities like Demel. The outrageous comments only came to light when a friend of one of the catering staff at VERYWESTHAM was informed by a cousin who lives in Borough, and who thus reads that sort of trash, of the attack upon Demel's artistic integrity.

The legal team at VERYWESTHAM have employed the Irish military's unique  
torpedo-trajectory technology to plot the movement of the ball on said night in question and because of it's incredible accuracy can confirm without doubt that the shot was netbound regardless of James Chester’s intervention.

If the titty-rag in quetsion does not issue an immeduate apology along with 1.3 gazzillion in damages, VERYWESTHAM may be forced to issue another footie-fatwah. Previous recipients of the curse of bad luck for all eternity that comes with the fatwah include Luton Town (now non-league), Oldham (getting there) and, of course, the tragic Sheffield United.

Meanwhile, the big Guy is said to be handling the whole debacle in his usual courageous and dignified manner.


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