Sunday 2 March 2014

Get your finger out lad! Carroll in goat impersonation

Once again there were horrific scenes for Hammers’ fans to endure at Goodison Park as a determined West Ham side were again undone by the curse of the Toffees.  Even worse, vulnerable fans were exposed to a horror show by Andy Carroll, as the otherwise underoccupied striker decided to try and entertain away fans with a finger puppetry show that included images of the swan-like Roberto Martinez, bullish Sam Allardyce, and of course, Satan Baines.

Sadly, the fun came to an end when Everton finally breached the Hammers’ defence with a mere 8 minutes remaining as Beelzebub Baines cleverly pulled the ball back for recidivistic Hammers heartbreaker Romelu Lukaku to smash the ball home. Hammers fans were left to seek solace in their own finger puppetry as they made the long journey home from Goodison after another brave but ultimately fruitless expedition.
That's definitely a snail, isn't it?
Farewell then for another year to our our sticky contemporaries...

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  1. Everton are really missing Arteta - no creativity


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