Monday 28 March 2016

A Strange mix of Excitement and Sadness...

Red eye for team VeryWestHam this morning with a 4.45 an start heightened by yesterday's time change ( it's 3.45 really!). Ryanair Shannon to Stansted and now a day of celebration at the Boleyn.

Noble really is Captain Claret. He would die for the West ham cause. Can you recall any game ever when he didn't put a big shift in? Although its ridiculous that he remains excluded from the England set up, such is his commitment to West ham that you'd have to wonder if he would really be as good at any other club?

However, today is about even more than Mark's magnificence as for us 'international' Hammers this will probably be our  final visit to the old Lady Boleyn. With tickets for the remaining fixtures in such short supply there seems little hope of another trip.

As such it is only fitting that we will be treated to a festival of Hammers fun to see the old stadium off. DICKS, Di Canio, Bish, Ludo....could it really be any better even in Hammers heaven?

But also, there's a real sense of poignancy to the occasion. For us, this is the end of the 'old' West ham. With proper management, a 60,000 stadium anda squad to match the future is bright but definitely different. Kids with no previous connection to the club wear our jerseys, while Nissan ads feature us as the worlds most popular team of the moment.

Yes, we can expect to hold on to the next Cole, Ferdinand, Carrick etc, and we can truly hope for regular European football but still all the same there's a definite lump in my throat today...

We love you West ham...always.

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