Monday 20 July 2015

More Payet Action: Is this guy our new Di Canio?

In recent memory there has hardly been as impressive a West Ham debut as that of Dimitri Payet on Saturday. Both his all round play and shooting accuracy were of a level Hammers fans normally only dream of!

We were stimulated by his two excellent strikes against future Hammer's keeper Dan Bentley to check out his 'previous' and encountered all sorts of exotic outrageousness! For sure, it's "only" the French League, but it's pretty clear that Dimitri knows where the goal is and if given a yard of space can inflict mayhem.

We have put together a series of clips along with some helpful backing music from Mr Jack White Esquire.

Bring on the Gooners!


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  1. Can we get their keeper as well for the goal celebrations?


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