Wednesday 8 January 2014

Hammers undone by bizarre refereeing decisions and poor visibility in tense affair

For the second game in succession, Big Sam's troops fell victim to some bizarre refereeing antics and came out the unlucky side of a tight 6-0 thriller at the Etihad stadium. In truth, the match officials were faced with challenging circumstances on a wet Manchester evening where visibility was poor, with many observers suggesting that the match should have been abandoned when Man City scored an outrageously fortunate fourth goal as poor Adrian in the Hammers goal was unsighted.

Luck tends to balance out in the end, and undoubtedly Big Sam and the troops will be expecting better fortune for the replay in 13 days time. Meanwhile, it's back to the Premiership humdrum where the Bubbles boyz will look to push on from their present position at nineteenth in the league.

Even more distressing than this evening
In other news, it is likely that an investigation will be launched into Yaya Toure's cynical injury feigning antics whereby the modest midfielder pretended to be unable to continue before doing a Stevie Gerrard on it and suddenly popping up unimpeded by injury to score a crucial game changing strike for the Moonies. Hammers fans will remember how similar dirty tactics were used against them in the 2006 Cup final which ended in a draw.

In other news, a young Hammers fan burst into tears and had to have his PS4 confiscated when he mistakenly set the difficulty level on FIFA-14 to 'World class' and found himself hopelessly outplayed by the ruthless computerised game. Apparently, the poor lad tried everything to get the controls to work but simply couldn't get a kick of the ball and went through extended periods with only 20% possession before noticing the error.

the manufacturers have agreed to set limits on the game so that users will be less likely to suffer such psychological scarring when engaging with the 'game'.

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