Sunday 20 January 2019

Arnautovic Escape Part Two: The Truth Emerges

If you are to believe the latest rumours it appears that Marko Arnautovic's move to China is off and that he is now staying at West Ham, possibly. At this stage a high percentage of fans probably want rid of the player as his lack of loyalty is hard to forgive. In that sense, we now realise why so many Stoke fans were glad to see the back of him, talent and all, as he is a disruptive egocentric figure.

But if you pause for a moment and consider things, the move to China has always sounded a bit strange - why now? A player at the height of his powers and at 29 years is a real presence. Many have mocked his brothers statement for raising the issue of his desire for trophies. Perhaps this is the part of the statement that reveals the Austrian's true intentions - to move to one of West Ham's rivals. If so, his campaign is going perfectly according to plan!

Until now West Ham would not have remotely entertained any bid from Tottenham or Chelsea or Manchester United, but at this stage they would probably ditch him for £30 million and use the much needed cash to bring in a replacement.

Perhaps the Arnautovic brothers are not as foolish as we imagine?

Either way, the club will be held to ransom now until the end of (a) the Premiership transfer window, and (b) the Chinese transfer window in February!

Let's hope Pelle can find a way to limit the damage that will inevitably flow from this. Offloading Marko may be the best of a bad lot of possible solutions.



  1. Hes a shallow bastard and good riddance

  2. Fine him 200K a week until he realises he is not bigger than the club and gets back to doing what he is paid for, hopefully that will cost his brother 20K a week too.

  3. I'd say it might be a while until he realises that!

  4. Get rid proved what he is now,a shallow money grabbin minge!!!!!

  5. Get rid proved what he is now,a shallow money grabbin minge!!!!!

  6. Buy a replacement, bench him, use him as and when, get shot in the summer.

  7. W ham lose out through differing gomez now going to top club in italy


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