Saturday 12 January 2019

Forget the Chinese Whispers: Shanghai is a Stalking Horse

If we are to believe the media, Marko Arnautovic has already stated a desire to leave  West Ham (e.g. "I want to go" in Today's edition of the pointless rag that litters our trains, otherwise knoqn as the Metro). This article really is out of order as it has no such quote from Arnautovic!

To date, the only statement on the matter from Arnie's camp has been from his brother who amongst a tirade of provocative statements says that his brother wants to go to China to win trophies!

If meaningless trophies are what Marko wants, we have a small plastic model of the FA cup that is awarded to the winner of our back garden footy competition each week. It doesn't come with a massive salary (but for Marko we would certainly have a generous whiparound) but its a trophy nonetheless.

We've got another trophy for 'Prat of the Week' which we have awarded to Danijel for his efforts to destabilise Marko's position at the club just as we are on the verge of having a squad that actually can compete for trophies, and real ones at that. We'll let you gu3ss what shape the trophy is!

All the same, you have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes. When the furore over China dies down will we see the real predator in this tale....Chelsea, Man United....the rest of the top six don't need him and you'd have to think West ham are towards the top of the chasing group - now the fastest growing club in Europe?

If Marko really wants trophies, you'd have to say that after this season of building, West ham will be looking to genuinely compete in the following two seasons and have a squad that is improving at an incredible rate. For the doubters, imagine beibg able to select a West Ham frontline from Arnautovic, Lanzini, Anderson, Yarmolenko, Nasri, Carroll, Chicharito, Antonio, Diangana and Silva!

So, a word of advice to Marko - stick around and head for China and tgat £200k weekly wage in 2-3 years time when your contract is ending and you can also get a massive signing on fee.

And yes, i'd be delighted to take over as your agent when you tire of your brother's unhelpful antics!

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