Sunday 13 January 2019

That Historic Rice Moment Seen From the Bobby Moore Stand

It's been a pretty crazy season to date. Beating Man United was certainly a high point, with the 2 minute cameo where we played keep ball one of my favourite football moments ever, but undoubtedly Declan Rice's first goal for the club was history being made - and everybody in the ground realised it as we rejoiced in one of those rare moments where the reason for spending so much time and emotional energy on a silly game where men kick a piece of leather about a field makes sense.

Following Murphy's law as my eldest son was late getting back to his seat after half time, i decided to video any key moments. Hence this delightful footage of Declan Rice's goal as seen from section 252 row 60. Sometimes i wonder if its worth all the hassle dragging ourselves out of bed at 4.45am on a dark and cold Saturday morning to make the long trip to East London from the West of Ireland, but at times like this it makes sense again.

This is what we are. COYI!!!

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