Sunday 13 January 2019

Is This The Trophy That Arnautovic Covets?

An image of the future that Arnie simply cannot get off his mind

Danijel Arnautovic's statement regarding his brother Marko's desire to move away from West ham to China in search of trophies is starting to attract quite a degree of ridicule. While most of us can appreciate that wages of 200k a week or more can be a tempting prospect, the opportunity to compete for the Yanjing FA Cup trophy is possibly a little less credible as a reason to exit the world's most competitive league and Football's most historic competition in the FA Cup!

OR perhaps we have got it all wrong and in Austria schoolchildren dream of scoring the goal that wins the Ping’an Chinese Super League!

Marko needs to wake up and realise that he can still make that money in 3-4 years time when similar offers will undoubtedly still be available and that for now he should focus upon doing his very best at the highest level.

The real question seems to be whether Danijel can wait that long for the cash? Such a pity as Arnie clearly loves the competitive challenge of top level football and would surely miss playing against the best if he left now.

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