Saturday 25 June 2016

Real Boost for Madrid in Payet Campaign

"I just don't think you understand..."

Just as the magnitude of the Brexit vote is starting to dawn on the British nation it is becoming evident that the Premiership's time as the foremost league in the world is likely to come to an end. Apart from all the likely visa/permit issues for foreign players, the simple factor of sterling's diminishing value will have an immediate impact upon transfer activity.

As sterling's value on the money markets fell to a 30 year low at 10% less than the day before Brexit, so Dimitri Payet's likely cost to foreign Eurozone suitors fell by an equivalent amount, along with his salary value. Conversely, the value of the Hammers reported bids for a variety of top strikers in the French and Italian leagues also fell, with the alleged E40 million bid for Michy Batshuayi now only worth a paltry E36 million.  

With Dimitri Payet gearing up for another likely masterclass against the Republic of Ireland tomorrow, it's looking like events are conspiring against the talismanic midfielder staying at West Ham next season. As Real Madrid fans become increasingly vocal in their demands that Payet be brought to the Bernabeu, this is all bad news for Bubbles fans. Let's hope Seamus the Coal man and Dazza Randolph can halt Dimitri's progress tomorrow and get him out of the spotlight. After the Thierry Basketball outrage of 2010, Ireland deserve a big slice of luck against the French.

Even more disappointment awaits Hammers fans who want to enjoy the adventure of European footie that awaits this season as the cost of following the team in the Europa league will be greater.

One wonders how many Brexit-voting fans factored in these effects in choosing to separate from their European allies with Thursday's vote. Maybe the UK will get a second chance to vote on the matter just like Ireland did in the Nice/Lisbon treaty votes of a few years ago. Moreover, one senses that exiting the EU may turn out to be like trying to terminate a Sky Sports subscription - a drawn out and arduous journey!


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