Thursday 9 June 2016

Ugly Scenes as West Ham Travel Away

One of my fantasies is to invent a time travel machine and go back and snuff out those responsible for ideas and inventions that persecute us in modern life BEFORE they express their ideas. When the machine is complete the inventor of the automated telephone switchboard, self scan shop checkouts and speed bumps can all expect to face the justice they deserve.

And you can add to the list the vulgarian who suggested that the Hammers away kit should be white instead of the classic sky blue with double claret hoops. Somewhere in the last decade somebody decided to ditch the classiest kit in soccer history for a bland Tottenham-like white top for our away trips. Why oh why?

And so here we are again with the insipid white thing. It'd be interesting to see how sales vary for our away kits when the colour changes. Grrrrr!


  1. not a very inspiring shirt is it?.

  2. Terrible. You doing Juve match?

  3. Our away kits always follow the same pattern, sky blue following year white the following year dark blue and then back to sky blue, it was no shock that this would white!

  4. … and the reason is because those colours are those predominantly used in the early days when TI before claret and blue became the standard as West Ham formed. Its all about the history. Didn't like the shirt when saw it alone but as part of the overall kit its simple and classy.

  5. Poor Kit not our identity
    sky Blue yes white? wtf?


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