Tuesday 28 June 2016

Hodgson's Westhamophobia Comes Home to Roost

I'm Just here to watch the opposition Mr Gold.

England are once again hurting after a whoppingly humiliating defeat to Iceland - no, not the cut price supermarket, but the tiny country with 300,000 inhabitants. Stats are that Icelandic males have a 1 in 2000 chance of playing football for their country!  Back at West Ham your chances of playing for Roy Hodgson's England were 1 in ten gazillion, apparently.

After an in and out opening three matches, the Hodgson error was exposed - put simply: NO PLAN B. Was there ever a game where England needed the twin battering rams of Andy ('I can out-head every CB in the world') and Michail Antonio ('Watch me open your defence with a direct run towards goal'), then it was the final quarter of last night's game where Iceland had firmly shut the gates.

Even worse, England lacked a midfielder who could lead by example...anyone for Mark Noble? As a committed Hammer, a big part of you will be glad that our players weren't exposed to the horror of being part of the Euro mess.

The competition for a new manager will be fascinating - mostly because there are no obvious replacements! Let's hope that they don't approach Mr Bilic who clearly has the experience and smarts for the role. Either way, with the excitement of the first Olympic Stadium season ahead, He'd probably tell them to fcuk off!



  1. Everyone knows that England can only win a trophy when they have three West Ham players in the team (and not five Spuds, Roy's secret love child Jack Wheelchair and ginger baddie Rooney).

    Overhaul time.......too late for Noble and possibly Carroll, but just to see Hodgson squirm when them chickens came home to roost made it worthwhile. C'mon Woy, explain again why we didn't need big Andy as a Plan B! I really need the belly laugh, you geriatric biased old tw4t.

  2. Roy Hodgson should have taken Noble & Antonio. Not so sure about Carroll though.
    He should not have taken Wilshere, Sterling and Barkeley (who never figured anyway). Noble and Antonio could have played in midfield. At least they would have been able to pass and cross the ball. Kane taking corners and free kicks what a joke.
    No idea how to play simple easy passing game. Hodgson not good enough to manage an England team. We need a manager like Brian Clough, who never got a chance because he wasn't a yes man. We don't want a foreign manager, we need an English one


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