Friday 1 January 2016

Hammers to Make Hollywood Version of 'Quest for Bilic'

The arrival of Slaven Bilic in the Summer has brought a remarkable transformation in atmosphere at West Ham. But how did Lady Brady and the two Davids make it happen?

The true story may never be known but here at VERYWESTHAM our Nerdgeek department have been examining the evidence. David Sullivan has become increasingly involved in the movie industry with his recent Kray story releases, but now it emerges that the new Star Wars movie 'The Force Awakens' is, in fact, almost totally based upon events at the Boleyn!

Early in 2015, Grand Jedi Master Yoda Sullivan - the oldest and most powerful known Jedi Master in the Hammer universe became concerned that the force had become dominated by negativity and decided that the dark days of the Sam Empire must be brought to an end.

Summoning the leaders of the resistance, Princess Brady and Hans Goldie, the search began for a new leader who could train a new team of Jedi warriors to conquer Europe and the Universe.

After a seemingly endless journey, involving stop offs at exotic watering holes controlled by strange bespeckled beings...

Their quest ended with the discovery of their new Jedi Coach - a wise warrior and one of their own...

With their band of resistance fighters, led by Captain Noble and ace Pilot Payet, they stormed the Premiership, winning a key battle against the Gooners at the Empirates, before crushing the eternal enemies at Liverpool and Chelski in evidence that the force that had been dormant for many decades had returned.

Therafter, the bright new force led them to strange far away planets like Astra, Lusitans and Bournemouth, where they encountered primitive aliens while the force grew in strength.

As we await episode VIII, there is everything positive to believe in as we traverse the Premiership Universe in the Olympic Millenium Falcon...

2016 will be a year of great discovery and the continued rise of the force

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