Thursday 14 January 2016

The Reason Payet is NOT the New Tevez

Dimitri Payet has undoubtedly been the Premiership's signing of the year to date. The midfield talisman is blessed with outrageous skills and, despite a two month absence of late, is already being hailed as a Hammers legend!

The comparison points for such status are fascinating - Carlos Tevez being the most recent benchmark. While Tevez's contribution to our survival in 2007 was outstanding, there are many key differences between Payet and 'the Apache'.

Firstly, Tevez arrived at Upton Park in that bizarre transfer in poor shape - overweight and unfit, both he and Mascherano initially struggled to adapt to English football such that Tevez's first nine games consisted of one draw and eight defeats!

And no goals. In fact, the gamble on the two Argentinians was a key reason why West Ham faced certain relegation in 2007. Moreover, Carlos also had a few tantrums during his time at Upton Park - most notably storming out of the ground after a match versus Sheffield United.

And then there was THAT run in with all those key goals, and that crucial goal on the final day that ensured legendary status in what surely was the greatest ever Premiership escape (yes, better than Leicesters recent efforts!).

In stark contrast, Payet has hit the ground running and already has almost surpassed the Apachhe in goals and, one suspects, has quadrupled his assist count. For sure, Dimitri is part of a better team, but his contribution in terms of leadership and example is tremendous. Tevez tried (and ultimately succeeded) to do it on his own. Payet, as Bilic keeps reminding us, makes everybody better.

We can debate who has the greater innate skills (surely Payet also wins this?) but in the comparison of team leader versus maverick there can only be one winner! It's time to go back much further in seeking our comparison points for this evolving legend, much further indeed!



  1. You cannot compare great individuals ! From Moore ,bonds , brooking , dev , di canio , etc , they are all great and had their time , payet is another class act at this time in history for west ham , just enjoy and be happy that he is a hammer and stop comparing !! None of the above mentioned can be compared , they are just legends in our great clubs history , just enjoy .

    1. For sure you have a point but part of the fun of having the Oremierships best player is comparing him with similarly attributed players of yore. Iys fun annoying Spuds, Gooners, Chelskiers with endless debate about the merits of di canio vs hurst, brooking vs devonshire etc...

      Lets make them listen and endure our joy!!!

  2. Tevez was a striker and Payet is a midfielder, I would argue that Tevez did lift the team by grabbing the games by the scruff of the neck and forcing players to lift their games. If I had to choose between the two I would take Payet every time because he does make the whole team better and they play with smiles on their faces, he is world class.

  3. I have supported West Ham for around 50 years. It is early days and comparisons between eras difficult and problematic, still I don't think I have seen a better player in our colours than Payet.

  4. Agree entirely, were it not for Tevez and Mascherano arriving with a guarantee of first team football whilst clearly in no way or shape ready for the premiership we would not have been in relegation trouble in the first place. Am I right in that he did not score for his first 19 games? A team that had Alan Pardew managing and had got to the FA Cup final the year before lost all spirit as performing players were benched to make room...not to mention Tevez already had his bag packed to go to United and West Ham were clearly just a stepping stone for both players. Payet on the other hand has set the division on fire, loves the club and the fans in in my opinion is already a Hammers legend.


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