Saturday 23 May 2015

Bentley Suffers the Horrors!

Poor Dan Bentley - the hero for Southend all season with consistently competent displays. And again today he has been excellent throughout a tense League Two play off final but tragically suffered the misfortune of conceding an own goal as a Wycombe free kick came back off the bar and deflected off his back and into the net.

Even though it was in no way his fault, one suspects that there will be little that will console the lad - not even Southend's finest, the aptly named Horrors - an their classic 'Endless Blue'. Here they are at Wilson Hall in New York City...cheer up lads!

.....But wait! Even as despondent Southend fans are filing out, they snatched an equaliser with 20 seconds of ET's PENALTIES!!!

Yes indeed....and after an early Southend miss, Bentley saved Wycombe's's truly horrible for the later penalty takers to have to step up under soooo much pressure but....

you know what's coming next...

yes, he did!

Well done Shrimpers!!!!

Maybe Dan will be playing in the Europa League in a few weeks?


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