Tuesday 12 May 2015

'Affordable Football'...Bah Humbug!

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The West Ham board have been indulging in no end of self congratulation over their proposed ticket prices for the first season at the Olympic Stadium. With prices starting at £279 it really does seem to represent a great deal.

But what of now - prices for the snoozefest that is West Ham versus Everton next weekend range from £65 to £75! I suppose one might argue that it is the final home game of the season but that line of thought loses credibility when one considers that prices for our actual final game of the season away at Newcastle start at £27.

So what about across Europe? Bayern Munich match prices start at E15 (that's about a tenner in sterling!) with season tickets priced at just over £100. Similarly, the cheap tickets at Barcelona work out at just over £100 for a season. Or maybe Ajax?...(season ticket from E243), or mighty Sporting Lisbon (£55 for a season ticket).

And for Hammers fans who want to follow departing midfielder Seb Lletget as he moves to LA Galaxy, a season ticket for next year starts at $247...thats about £150.

Best of luck dude!
Or how about the greatest fixture on Earth - El Superclasico where the toffs from River Plate take on the common working men of Boca Juniors. Their next clash is on the 9th June at the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes....tickets from E44!!!

WARNING: this game may be a little more exciting than West Ham vs Everton.



  1. It's called supply and demand. It's the foundation of our entire economy David.

  2. Actually John, the comparison with other European clubs reflects an overpricing on our part as Ajax, Barca, Bayern etc all sell out their tickets and Boca Juniors have an eight year waiting list to become a season ticket holder. I guess those clubs have taken a long-term view about maintaining a fan base.
    as for supply and demand, even as a longstanding and committed Hammers fan, i can think of many many things to do next Saturday for £75 (which is really closer to £120+ after food and other stuff per head) that would be better fun and value for money than watching 22 millionaires stroll around Upton Park.

    The foundation of a participatory society is affordability, inclusion and sustainability (i made that up!). Once you lose fans to the overpriced nonsense they rarely return.

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