Saturday 25 October 2014

Oi Ferguson, THIS is the West Ham way!

In order to assist Sir Alex Ferguson in his efforts to discover what the 'West ham way' is before he dies, we at VERYWESTHAM have composed a video of footage from a typical(ish!) day of footie mayhem at Upton Park.

We sincerely hope that it serves to cheer you up, you curmudgeonly old has been!



  1. Well fergie still bitter about the two titles we cost ya lol well did u see motd tonight thats the westham way not having every lino and ref on your payroll ie howard the coward webb thats the man u way and they say english football is not corrupt!!!!

  2. Ruined by the most shit tune iv'e heard in an age.

  3. errrr....peepshow?


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