Saturday 1 December 2012

West Ham 3-1 Chelsea: Boom Shalock Lock BOOOM!!!

So there we were, trundling along through the first half with Chelsea one up after a moment of class from Juan Mata but otherwise nip and tuck getting reading for the second half and the inevitable second goal for Chelsea as the Hammers get caught on the counter as they try to push for a way back…..

 Stop, stop stop!!!


Sorry, that’s the old West Ham….No, nowadays we regroup at half time and out for a different game…bold substitutions and off we go…giving it lots and squeezing them really hard



Carlton Killer Cole strikes for an equaliser!

 The stadium goes nuts, really NUTS!


It’s game on….nip and tuck as they try to reassert their lead….then we start to get on top..



Momo Diame rattles their net for a second, it’s 2-1!


The place goes mental…Chelsea try to steady but rather than sitting back and getting all nervy we go for the jugular…



Modi Maiga gets a third…..


The final whistle sounds...OOOOoooooooh!

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