Thursday 1 September 2016

There's only one Enner Valencia...

Valencia's finest moment in Claret n Blue

Indeed, there is but only one Enner Valencia - but somebody needs to tell Swansea FC who were 'chasing' the Ecuadorian striker and announced on their official website that he had arrived as a new signing even though he had actually ultimately ended up at Everton!

Many Hammers fans will suggest that Swansea might be better off blushing now at a minor faux-pas rather than enduring a hapless season of Valencia NOT scoring - something he has excelled at during his time at West Ham. In fact, so NOT prolific was Valencia that he didn't even make the suggestion list for main striker in the on going Fans poll - if you haven't voted why not let us know your thoughts by clicking on your choice (above right).

Hammers fans might well also surmise that there are indeed two different Enners - the one who has amassed an impressive 16 goals in his 29 international performances (more than a goal every other game), and the one who has struggled with a mere 8 goals in 60 appearances at West ham (a goal ever 7.5 games).

Has he been played out of position? Those who actually watch Ecuador's international matches will say not and point to his lack of innate physicality as a major disadvantage in the rough and tumble of the Premiership.

Either way, it'll be good to not have to endure watching him repeatedly lose possession during our games!

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  1. There is indeed only one Enner Valencia and as a West Ham fan I am deeply grateful for that fact.


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