Monday 12 September 2016

Let's go home to the Boleyn...

Just kidding!!! What are we like???..a few games into the move to the Olympic Stadium and just because of a few frustrating results we are already behaving like a bunch of spoilt-brat Chelski fans.

On the pitch, our side is unsettled and unbalanced due to injuries and the hangover from the Euros. A solid right back and the return of some attacking options and we'll be up and running properly again. Let's face it, Payet, Antonio, Feghouli and Lanzini feeding Carroll or Zaza will make for a formidable attack...all we need is to rediscover our defensive solidity.

Off the pitch, anyone engaging in violent behaviour in the name of our club is an embarrassment and, frankly, not welcome as part of our future. It's great that visitors to the OS have not so far been treated like criminals by overpolicing as, in my view, characterised many visits to Upton Park over the years. Suggestions in the media that we need military-style policing are comically foolish and merely add to the perceived notoriety of some 'fans' who think that unprovoked aggression makes them into some kind of modern-day revolutionaries....spitting at women...really????

For sure, we all miss the Boleyn but let's be patient and get behind our club instead of behaving like a bunch of unhappy tourists!



  1. No-one spat at a woman. Stop believing the hype. You're just adding to it

  2. This is a message that badly needs to get through to a hard core of Hammers fans. I remember reading a couple of years back, after similar trouble, a Hammer fan bemoaning that West Ham used to be a family club. That needs to return and won't unless the club and supporters alike take some meaningful action.

  3. Morons shouting fighting in front of kids and women it's not hype I witnessed it.
    All because they can't stand up.
    Pathetic from grown men.
    I have been going for 46 years and seeing all these new kids and families is great but they won't keep coming if idiots can't be grown up and sensible. Saying all that the stewards are very poor so far


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