Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ravel in Foiled Escape Plot!

As West Ham's 'troubled' starlet Ravel 'Raveldo' Morrison is preparing to spend his first night behind bars aftr being refused bail for a charge of assaulting his ex-Girlfriend and her mother, rumours have already emerged that the 'difficult' youngster has already come into conflict with prison authorities with a failed escape bid!

Anybody who has seem Morrison's remarkable ball skills will recognise the challenge containing the star will be for the prison wardens. Not only is Morrison incredibly tricky, with precise and deadly fast feet, he also has a frightening turn of pace that would leave most screws for dead if he gets a sight of goal, sorry freedom.

Some Hammers fans may be hoping that the authorities can keep him locked up for a bit as that may finally serve to knock some sense into the talented but truculent star. The refusal of bail may seem harsh (Innocent until proven guilty should surely come with the freedom to prove your innocenc?) but may well have been linked to his previous issues with interfering with a witness.

Right now, the lad needs support rather than further condemnation. If the allegations turn out to be true and he needs more punishment then we can always arrange another spell at Birmingham City.



  1. we'll never offload him now. Trouble. end of.

    1. No problem. Lock him in the dressing room at start of match. He'll be gone before half time.

  2. Anyone up for compiling a Chav's XI?

    Rooney, Gazza...


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