Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Time for the Twits to calm the Twatter

When Messers Sully & Gold first took over West Ham a cousin of mine who has the uneviable burden of supporting Birmingham City commented that we would never have a dull day in the media under their reign. In the interim, there can be no disputing that the media-savvy pair have overseen a huge recovery for the club in terms of league position and finances. Moreover, their cautousness in repect of managing the manager-situation has also been commendable as, for example, they refused to panic when an injury-ravaged West Ham endured a run of harsh defeats early in 2014.

The pair have also managed the almost-mutiny of supporter towards the end of the season when a large poll of fans revealed that most felt Sam Allardyce's time was up. The astute pair responded by appointing Mr Popular Teddy Sheringham as new forwards coach and onwards we marched assured of a more attractive style of play for 2014-15.

But now, Sullivan, Gold and Gold's daughter have been sucked into a media campaign to destabilise West Ham at a key point in the transfer window and as we prepare for the new season. No informed fan could swallow that Sam is solely responsible for signing the injury-blighted Andy Carroll, and in either case there was very little to suggest he would have foot and ankle problems when he signed.

Given the most recent 'revelations' from the Mail - where a (totally) neutral tweet from Goldie's daughter has been blown up as evidence that Sam is about to be sent marching, surely it's time to put a lid on it until the pre-season business is done. We still need cover at full back and another striker or two and no doubt the media rumours wont encourage any ambitious top class players to join a club that appears to be in chaos.

Maybe less is more on this occasion.

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  1. Am losing interest in West Ham I have been a fan all my life 53 years and the Family or all West Ham fans. For 1 you don't make little of people by taking about them, tell the man to his face. And what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors the 2 David's have no respect for people. And the badge was voted down you can't improve perfection , its all about money I for one wont be buying another top with that badge on it. Oh yes a replacement for Sam another manager wouldn't put up with the 2 David's and there Family's back stabbing them.


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