Monday, 7 July 2014

Kit Prices Drive Hammers Fans to Drogheda and Weymouth in Claret and Blue Merry-Go-Round

OOOargh - Hammers fans are up against the Kosh again as it's that time of year that their spoilt brat kids will be badgering them to purchase the new West Ham Kit so that they can wear it on their annual holidays. 

Even worse, Parents will be facing a massive 50 Quid for a short sleeved top, which a recent survey shows places us midway in the Premiership table of jersey costs - a whole fiver behind overpriced Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelski and Lilliepool rags. Yippeeeee!!!

Still, we can be thankful that changing of kits only happens every year (albeit that there are three kits on each occasion) but parents of the futire cn look forward to a dedicated jersey for each Premiership fixture, probably. However, in the midst of this materialistic massacre, some creative Hammers fans have realised that they can just past the ALPARI logo over the AVCO logo that adorns their dad's 1986 jerseys!

There was good news for those fellow claret & blue types up at Burnley who have the least expensive kit at a mere £43 for a top. Even better, if fans care to buy secondhand 2013-14 West Ham Jerseys, they can simply dye the collar blue and hey presto- a current Burnley Jersey emerges! Matt Taylor can bring a batch of unused jerseys from last years cmpaign for the first team squad

However, Spare a thought for poor Villa fans - as usual, the club have managed to make an incredible mess of the most appealing colours in world footie and have produced yet another sartorial vom-fest, with the approapriate daftbet as their current logo. Poor poor Joey Cole! For reasons of good taste we have opted not to show the latest mess to emanate from Villa Park.

Weymouth FC
Drogheda United
In further developments, recognising that it's usually pisching down for about 85% of the Premiership season (thus requiring a waterproof outergarment that most covers any of the overpriced t-shirts fans invest in) astute Hammers fans are  investing in Weymouth and Drogheda jerseys that are bound to eventually wind up as Hammers kits at some stage in the near future.



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