Sunday, 6 July 2014

New Kid Poyet to Transform the Hammers

As Hammers fans patiently wait for official confirmation from the club regarding new signing Diego Poyet, the excitement grows as yet another signing heralds a new attacking era for the club. Apart from the muscular Bouyate, the other transfer arrivals have been decidely un-Allardycian with Zarate a nippy poacher and Aaron Cresswell an attack-minded left back. Combined with the return of the ever maturing (?) Ravel Morrison, young Poyet is another creative force. Is Big Sam about to shock us all with his version of total football?

Big Sam has a quiet word with his new recruit
Young Poyet is a rapidly developing force - winning player of the season at Charlton despite only forcing his way into the first team after Christmas! At 19 years, Diego is hailed as one of the stars of football-future in the new Transformer add where he gts to demonstrate his considerable skills under the tantalising banner "The future of football is here". Hammers fans can hardly wait. Check out Diego versus the Transformers at:

Although it's a big jump up from just 20 appearances in the championship to Premier league level, with the progress that Diego has made it seems more than possible that he can make the transformation rapidly. With Dad Gus in the background he certainly won't be short of good advice! Undoubtedly the new progressive ethos at West Ham is more attractive to younger talent than the conservative attitude that has characterised our two consolidating years of Premier league footie where there have been few opportunities for emerging players to get an airing. However, the lack of subsequent success for the younger players who have departed from the club over the past few years seems to vindicate Allardyce's strategy, but with all these younger talents becoming available at the club we will see whether the Big man can blend youth with experience to good effect.

A right pair of Charlies!

With Tom Ince currenty a free agent having seen out his Blackpool contract and having completed the loan period at Crystal Palace, maybe it's time to finally put the whole Ince-gate affair to bed and snap up the talented winger? Either way, there's a definite feel-good factor around the Boleyn as we face towards the new stadium and it looks like the Hammers are determined to become the youthful heartbeat of English football again?



  1. Are we in for Ince?

  2. Is it confirmed or are they waiting until tomorrow?

  3. It's all over twatter

  4. Tom Ince is without doubt the kind of player West Ham should be looking at, but lets face it, given the history with his dad, I doubt that it will happen.

    I reckon there will be a couple of late in the window signings, probably loanee's like Scott Sinclair or something like that?

  5. The Ince business was overcooked - he was just a cocky kid who made a silly mistake.

    We are big enough to forgive (especially if its to our advantage!)

  6. As the bard sorta said - 'the quality of mercy is not so strange'

  7. Depends how much influence Ego Senior has over Ego Junior.

  8. Tom Ince should not be punished for his dads sins. He is an amazing player who could help shape the future of our team. Any so called "supporters" who don't agree need to re evaluate whether its WHU they support or their own ego's.

  9. Poyet has joined the training camp in France. Still no word of cost- he was a free agent since July 1st.

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