Sunday 25 May 2014

Hammers Prepare for Olympic Stadium Challenge

As our exotically named East London cousins at Orient take on mighty Rotherham in the League One Playoff Final today, rumours have already emerged that an Orient victory will be quickly followed by yet another legal challenge over use of the Olympic Stadium.

Amongst other new evidence that has emerged to support the Zero's claims include (1) their name begins with 'O' - just like the stadium! (2) Their massive home attendances (sometimes as high as 5000!!! mandate that they have use of an international stadium, and (3) Barry Hearn is a really nice bloke who should get his own way.

An Orient promotion would provide the mouthwatering propsect of the derby versus the Lions - which might make for an interesting challenge were they to come visiting the Hammers home ground due to stadium sharing.

With former FAI player of the year Dave Mooney up front they could well find themselves preparing for Millwall et al when the final whistle blows today.



  1. Hearn just wants to hold boxing contests at the OS

  2. 2-0 at half time to the O's.....soopergood!

    Maybe Hearn should mount a legal challenge to have use of Wembley?

  3. Oops - Rotherham have just got a messy goal....2-1. Tense or what?

  4. Please lets see Hearn in misery at the end.

    1. Your wish is granted
      so so sad to see BH not get his own nasty little way

  5. Granted. Sore defeat - penalties really is the most awful way to lose.

    Pity he's sullied our relationship with the O's.

  6. Eat s### hearn ha ha ha


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