Saturday 3 May 2014

Cockneys to Cover Commodores Classic as East End Celebrates Treble Triumph

After 35 years of musical mayhem, those masterly streetpunksters in the Cockney Rejects were given a special surpirse by their beloved Hammers today who delivered their first ever treble over tragic neighbours, Tottenham Hotspurs with a resolute 2-0 thumping at the Boleyn groind.
The specially commissioned cover
As the Bubbles brigade celebrated dishing out yet another spanking to their closest rivals, rumours began to spread that the Rejects are planning to mark the occasion by recording an oi version of the Commodores classic 'Three Times a Lady' - a tune that is perfectly suited to some moshtastic treatment and could provide the veteran band with a major hit as Hammers fans look for a suitable tune to celebrate to.

It is expected that they will compose their own version of 'Can we play you every week' for the B-side to continue the marvellous mayhem.

Otherwise, VERYWESTHAM wishes Micky and the boyz a stonking gig tonight in Montbeliard, France.


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