Wednesday 18 September 2013

Hammers fans thinner and more sexually active than rival fans!

A typical Hammers fans settles down for the big  match

With the shock revelation from the recent Diet Chef survey it has emerged that Hammers fans are the worst smokers and gamblers amongst Premiership footie fans!!!

The survey of fans from across the Premiership revealed that more than a third of Hammers fans smoke and that they squander an average of £25 per game on gambling!

Thankfully, they have the required cash to support these devastatingly awful habits since previous fans surveys have highlighted how Hammers fans are the fourth most affluent in the league.

Moreover, the Bubbles boyz can take comfort from the finding that Mancunian followers not only eat the most during matches (Man United) but also gain the most weight during the season (Man City). Meanwhile, Chelsea fans emerged as the biggest boozers.

But perhaps most amusing is the finding that Spurs fans are the most likely to admit that following footie interferes with their sex lives - a finding that is all the more astonishing considering the rather limp nature of their football experience.

                                                                      Highly Erotic!

Arsenal fans did not warrant a mention, in keeping with their unremarkable form over the past decade or so.

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