Tuesday 3 September 2013

Hammers break the bank!!!

As we wake up to the new post-Transfer window era and check to see which hapless footie misfit that our clab have decided to try and rehabilitate, Hammers fans may have wished to be greeted with the following image...

Instead, the current Hammers management have decided to take a financially conservative view and are hiding behind the rather vague and almost certainly unimposable UEFA fair play guidelines as an excuse for imposing financial sense upon a club who were essentially bankrupt due to appauling  mismanagment prior to their arrival.

For now, Hammers fans are left to discover just how injury-prone Andy Carroll actually is and whether Vaz Te can possibly regain his impressive form of two years ago - for that to happen he will need to be played in a less wide role. Maybe even Modi Mohawk can kick in to form?

Oh, and Elliot Lee scored a hat-trick yesterday to celebrate his Premiership debut last weekend

errrr, and there's always Carlton 'Boomerang' Cole?


At the very least, we can take some comfort from the fact that we've be spared from another Benni-Mido-type mess to amuse and titillate opposing fans!

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