Tuesday 22 August 2023

Transfer Latest: They've got to be yanking our chain?

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey - as the saying goes and indeed that seems to be the philosophy at West ham as the club have completed their third signing in just over a week with the arrival of stylish Greek centre back Kostadinos Mavropanus.

You would think that this would quieten the playful speculation about transfer activity at the club but, if anything it has become more extreme!

Why on earth would West ham take on the burden of a spent Jesse Lingard while letting a club legend like Pablo Fornals leave? 

Similarly, the disruptive and expensive acquisition of Romelu Lukaku makes even less sense. But to top it off, we are apparently still in the hunt for Harry Maguire.

Perhaps Sullivan and Co. have finally learned the fine art of the dummy run. Yes, we have cash but its important that we try not to look too desperate for a particular signing, so this speculation may in fact help our cause.

Whatever the true nature of all these activities, Sunday's win emphasized that the squad is united and focused. Let's avoid spoiling that by adding any players who have egos that are substantially larger than their current abilities.



  1. One thing about David Sullivan is that he knows how to make a pound and save a pound . We've cringed in the past about how careful he has been not to spend money , but now with FFP rules , his tactics seem justified . I'm hoping that it's financial intelligence for the benefit of Westham .

  2. Kudas deal sullivan fucking about again We are going to lose out arnt we

  3. W ham getting everyone excited about 2 new signings this week seen it all before time window closes we wont sign anybody guaranteed

    1. Your right kudos manager at Ajax stated he going nowhere w ham directors will end up with millions in there pockets

  4. W ham are bullshitting the fans again making out there trying to sign kudos now saying Saudi Arabia teams getting in the way they had no intentions to in the first place all proper ganda to keep the fans happy nothing will ever change at our club

  5. Both new forward deals promised this week are both broken down what a surprise bullshitting w ham are back full in swing


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