Tuesday 22 August 2023

Jesse Come Home? Look at the Facts

Lingard to make triumphant return to West ham. It's a headline that would have the Hollywood script writers frothing at the mouth but despite the media push to characterise Lingard as a changed man who sees West ham as his home, Professor Moyes is surely too canny to fall for that blather.

Jesse certainly enjoyed a fantastic spell during his six-month loan at West ham in 2021 but he has played virtally no meaningful football since (apart from a cracking goal for Man Utd against….West ham in 2021). 

In reality, Lingard has never performed as well before or since his six months at West Ham. A simple comparison of his scoring rate - 9 goals in 16 games (0.56 per game) at West ham vs 20 in 149 (0.15) at Man Utd and 0 in 17 at Notts Forest last year) highlights the difference. In effect, almost one third of his Premier league career goals were scored during his West Ham stay!

Lingard is now almost 31 years old and a million miles away from the player who resurrected a failing career with a successful stint at West ham when he was awarded the Premiership player of month, Premiership goal of month and enjoyed a brief return to the England squad. His response? To reject West Ham for a big money contract at Forest that was a disaster. 

Only the most naive Hammers fans would believe that Lingard would be a favoured acquisition at West ham. Moyes is merely demonstrating a quality that Lingard failed to - by showing loyalty and generosity to help Lingard find a new employer. He'd be more suited to Luton or Sheffield United just now.


  1. When will people understand, football is very different to our day to day employment. They earn a lot, but it’s for ten years. If Jesse thought he could provide better for his families future at Forest, guess what, it’s his choice. Comeback to Wedt Ham on an incentive driven, short term contract, and he’s good enough. YES PLEASE !!!

  2. He's a squad player with prem and international experience who the manager and players know, like and trust. If he's involved in 15/20 games this season, 5/6 goal involvements, and plays pretty well in those games, he'd be a sound investment. If he's on an incentivised deal where we aren't bogged down by huge wages even better. It's a business decision at the end of the day, and a relatively risk free one at that.

  3. Perhaps on a short term, a pay-as-you play arrangement might suit both parties. If he excels then great, sign him longer term & if not, then not much lost.

  4. Could he do any worse than Vlasic, Cornet, Ings, Scamacca etc? If he doesn't produce, let him go, at least they won't have to keep paying him and it may just work out for both parties.

  5. I wish people would stop using “it’s only a short career” like that’s a bad thing. Imagine earning so much money that you could retire comfortably and ensure your extended family are well taken care of after 10 years. I’d take it! JL didn’t need the money when he joined Forest, he just got greedy and reneged on the deal to come back to us.


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