Monday 28 August 2023

Here's what the Supercomputer Says about the Season

Ok, so its only three games into the season, but already the boffins are trying to predict the final rankings for the season!

A supercomputer has generated a predicted final table and it makes for interesting viewing. 

Up top, it's a case of the usual suspects for the top six, with Newcastle smashing their way into a European slot and eternally-almosters Spurs slipping down to 7th. 

The Hammers have made a wonderful start to the season, which they will be hoping to continue away to Luton on Friday night. However, with European commitments and a squad that is creaking at both full back positions, as well as limited striking options, perhaps the 10th finish is a pretty reasonable prediction.

Down below, this may well be the year that Everton make the drop. They look rudderless at present and even with Sean Dyche at the helm may lack the firepower needed to compete. 

Unsurprisingly, Luton and Sheffield Utd are expected to return to the Chumpionship as the step up for clubs with limited resources is really huge these days.

Notts Forest will feel hard done by as they look better than the predicted 14th allocated to them.

It'll be fun to look at this again at Christmas.

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  1. Dyche is used to working with nothing and nothing he has . As a squad Everton are extremely weak and will be around the relegation zone all season . The league predictions appear about right , but of course injuries to key players could cause dramatic variations .


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