Saturday 6 February 2021

Jasper Carrott to Disown Mike Dean

Dear dear me, he's at it again. The most attention craving referee in the Premiership has once again stolen the headlines, and once again for a howler of a decision.

Mike 'funny ha ha' Dean sent off West Ham's Tomas Soucek for an allegedly violent incident in the final minute of a tepid Premiership encounter at Craven Cottage.

Soucek and Alexander Mitrovic tussled on the edge of Fulham's penalty box in preparation for the Hammers final throw of the dice with an injury time free kick. 

Dean took an eon looking at footage, during which he did not wind back to get a sense of context and then spotting the opportunity to grab the headlines produced a red card - even though Mitrovic indicated that it was not malicious.

Hilarious, but not in a Jasper Carrott kinda way. The football loving Brummie will surely disown his refereeing lookalike after yet another horrible gaff. 

Meanwhile, Fulham will feel they deserved more than a point from a game where they were the only side who got any momentum but sadly for Scott Parker's men it was not to be and the point does little to ease their dire circumstances.

Meanwhile, its back to the drawing board for Moyes and Co. Ahead of their FA cup fifth round visit to Old Trafford next Tuesday. 

Whether thd unfair card can be overturned remains to be seen but there is s growing sense that its time to put Dean out to pasture.


  1. Mike "Look at me" Dean needs to retire gracefully or be let go by the EPL Referees Association. The sign of a good referee is that spectators only notice the 22 players on the pitch but he always has to be in the limelight to the detriment of the game being played. We come to watch the two teams, not a fame seeking referee.

  2. Agree. Diagnosis = he's a dick

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  4. One's a comedian ....the other is Jasper Carrott!!!


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