Wednesday 1 February 2017

Tightwad Hammers on edge of Premiership Spending Relegation Zone

Huff...puff...huff...puff...and then we don't deliver. So it seems is the recurring pattern of all our recent transfer windows. After the 'excitement' of last night's window closing, a quick analysis shows that West Ham made a net profit of £7million with their January business thus placing them in 17th in the net spending tables!

Below us were Chelsea - by virtue of the £60 million sale of Oscar, Man united who had a bloated squad in need of pruning and Watford who obviously feel that this season is now a dead rubber and are looking to build in the Summer - a philosophy one suspects that the astute businessmen who run our club have also succumbed to. The word from Sky was that Mr Sullivan told the club to turn off the fax machines at 8pm and go home - do they really still ise fax machines?

We are ten points short of the magic 38 needed to survive but last night's results showed that the relegation battle could get lively as Palace, Swansea et al pulled off unexpected results. We failed to get a striker or a right back - acquisitions that even the tea lady knows we desperately need!

Although this is all very disappointing (again), we all know that January rarely brings anything except more rubbish that ultimately needs to be offloaded to the charity shop.

With Sakho back in training and Fletcher looking promising (albeit without scoring too often) and Calleri having hinally opened his account, and the ever-dependable Antonio capable of filling in as a decent striker, maybe Bilic and the Davids got it right.

Did anyone realky believe Scott Hogan was 'the one' to replace Dean Ashton as a genuinely scary forward to lead the line?

Maybe its wise to hold back in this inflated market - however, the question is, will we ever actually splash the cash?

Or is Mr Paranoid at the VWH office right when he whines that we are being financially fattened up for a new investor?


  1. West ham shop at pound land never will be taken seriously in prem league I am one disgusted fan if billic is happy with the squad it shows his outlook on things dosnt' it

  2. Sullivan is a gob shite . Talks talks talks the talk but can't walk the walk . As you say right back and striker ... 5 months to line it up and what happened . NOTHING > Time for Sullivan his brat son and team of porn pedlars to move on . No class.

  3. Very disappointed no striker came in yet he keeps the useless calleri dear oh dear Bilic where are our goals gonna come from when Carroll gets injured ayew ? Don't make me laugh!

  4. I don't think Bilic was saying he was happy with his squad in the way it has been taken. What he was saying (I think) was that Hogan wouldn't improve his squad now that he has fit strikers, so there was no purpose to buying him. I am pretty sure he would have bought Sturridge if he was available and he thought he could keep him fit.

    Also, Brentford knew we had money coming from Payet so they were pricing him too high. Look at the money he went to Villa for, if you need proof of that.

    Nah. Buying in January is never good. Wouldn't worry about it.

    1. Villa got him cheap so don't come that lark all we did was replace like for like

  5. Same old story....all talk and then they hide in the toilets when its their round

  6. Don't need new players billic happy with this squad HA HA HA

  7. Oxford to manchester


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