Wednesday 1 February 2017

Major Purge Begins at Olympic Stadium

It's official, a certain person never existed. The last decent French player to grace the Claret n Blue was Julien Faux-Pas, and nobody can think of any since.

The Olympic Stadium this morning has a new mural - of Andy Carroll's wonderstrike against Crystal Palace. I think there was a picture of Leon Trotsky there before that, probably.

For just like Stalin's dreaded purges, we have airbrushed a certain player out of our memories.

Just one problem, what should we do with all the Dimitri Payet merchandise that we have, or the replica shirts ruined forever by the name of (now) another club's player?

P.S. whatever else, Andy's goal is worthy of a mural though, isn't it - bloody great timing by the big man!


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