Thursday 21 July 2016

Three Irons on the Shirt!!!

Allardici.....Last man standing

Sam for Engerland....such a notion would have been bonkers any time until two weeks ago but now it seems the FA are about to lurch from one extreme to another - from the laissez-faire formations of Hammers-hating Roy Hodgson to the defensive fascism of Big Sam!

Sam has never won nought, mostly cos you've got to attack to win! It really is a measure of the lack of British managerial talent on offer than Allardyce now looks odds on to become the England boss.

One definite positive is that the embargo upon West Ham players getting the call up for England is surely over - great news for Nobes, Cressy and Antonio.

What's the bets that Tonks also breaks back into the reckoning....Grrrrrrr!

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