Friday 15 July 2016

Shocking Payet Revelation Emerges

...and p*$$d off with being manipulated by the media!

Dimitri Payet's stunning performances for France at Euro 2016 provided Hammers fans with an ideal opportunity to lord it over our rivals, especially as their stars mostly floundered when given a chance to shine on the big stage.

However, our amusement was tempered by the creeping realisation that his displays were attracting considerable attention from Europe's elite clubs, with inevitable concerns that at 29 he might be tempted to seitch despite his 5 year contract at the Hammers.

As a result, the recent interview in the Sun where Dimi is attributed with quotes reassuring fans of his 100% commitment to stay and lead the team through its first year at the Olympic stadium provided a real sense of relief for the Bubbles faithful.

However, it seems that the issue is far from settled as reports now emerging suggest that his agent, Jacques-Oliver August, has dismissed the comments as mere fabrication!

Someone is telling porkies...

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