Sunday 3 July 2016

West Ham Legend in Shock Bid for England Manager

Please ground, swallow us whole...NOW!!!
Whenever things get very heated about West Ham players selection issues for England two words come to mind.....Dean & Ashton.

Deano's sensational strike in the Mark Noble testimonial earlier this year served to remind Hammers fans just how much we missed out on when the striking ace sustained what turned out to be a career-ending injury whilst on international duty.

Fcuk, we got off lightly missing that crapshoot!
Wind forward to the last two big tournaments -  and it's hard no to wonder if we are not considerably better with our players not involved in the confidence-wrecking car crash that is England's international squad. Comparing the English team's demeanour in France with that of our visibly rested and refreshed Hammers team landing in Seattle does make a visible point.

As the speculation grows regarding Wicked Woy's successor, maybe Slaven should slap a ban on his players being exposed to the trauma of team-England!

Wise one he is, Mr Julian

As for the new VERYWESTHAM we are starting a campaign to install Julian Dicks as new national team manager - whatever else, the team won't bow out with a mere whimper like in their last two tournaments, and let's face it, after dealing with West Ham's Ladies team he's got just as much experience as some of the suggested candidates.

Go Dicksy!


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