Friday 11 December 2015

West Ham's Foolish Oversight

The intrepid VERYWESTHAM crew took a visit to the Olympic Stadium today. Pleasant. Hard not to notice that there's an astoundingly impressive aqua arena only a stones throw from the entrance. Handy that, especially for the amohibian Bubbles amongst us.

It hot us thinking of Hammers merchandise. There's all manner of useless dirge on sale at superinflated prices, just cos Andy Carroll put it on for 2 minutes for a photo. The sad truth is that Andy and Billie and Arlo actually won't be decked out in that stuff come Yuletide. Sorry to break the news. I guess that makes me a Grinch of some sorts. Sorry again.

But what about Hammers swimwear. Both kinky and practucal at the same time. We could do super claret n blue trunks with claret framed goggles and sky blue tonted shades. Cool ot what?

And maybe model the swim cap on our fabled blue with double claret hooped away kit. Bloody decent or what.

So get to it Davids. Less gnomes/shots glasses/ cuddly toys and more crucial stuff, like swimwear. Ideal for working off some annoyance after a disappointing performance. Perfect.

More top tips on how to optimise the benefits of the OS later, but in the meantime its Ryan Shawcross and Stoke City to dinner. Bad time to have Winston Reid missing.


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