Friday 20 March 2015

Go on..take a sneaky peek,- its Hammers new jersey (probably)

In developments that will shock and amaze Hammers fans, the proposed new strip breaks with longstanding tradition by adding two claret diamonds to the sleeves.

Otherwise, its all Bobby Moore era to mark the final year at the Boleyn.

Thankyou to Paximus and the rest of the ladies down at the fashion design shop for their hard work. Pity to spoil it with the Betway logo.

What do you think? Will it become a fashion accessory that fans of other clubs envy and resent.

At times like this you have to feel sorry for Fans of Spurs and Fulham who have the most boringly boringest jerseys in London.


  1. Lose the diamonds and keep the cuffs blue!!....other than that it looks superb

  2. Too Burnley-ish.

  3. old umbro template from the last England kit before they went to nike... I don't believe this post. sorry


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