Saturday 7 March 2015

Dubai Trip Turns Sour as Hammers' Star Flown Home

West Ham’s hard earned sun break in Dubai appears to have turned sour today as reports emerged that their experienced defender James Collins has returned home from the training camp in Dubai. Sources indicated that the flame-haired defensive star is in a critical condition after sustaining second degree burns during a game of beach football.

Collins, who is nicknamed ‘Ginge’ due to his preference in tasty biscuit snacks, is especially vulnerable to such problems having previously sustained similar sunburn injuries during the pre-season trip to Southend on Sea FC a few years ago.

The unlucky Hammers medical team will be cursing their bad luck as the East End side are lacking in ‘ginger experience’ having had a dearth of red-haired players over the years. Apart from rubicund Steve Lomas, only Hayden Foxe and Robbie Slater’s brief periods at the club the only previous need for high factor sun screen in living memory.

Meanwhile, Winston Reid sustained a career threatening injury just days after finally committing himself to West Ham for all of eternity.

Actually, the Reid report is a joke....... even West Ham couldn't be that unlucky with injuries - could they Andy?


  1. Even if we did get more injuries this season is well over. It's all about building for next year now. Song and Jenkinson are the main wants.

  2. Same post as last year then

  3. And the season before.


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